Custom Work

The Custom Work roadmap

After you and the developer reach an agreement, the developer will let you know when he can start the Custom Work, and how much time he needs to finish it. The minimum assistance time is 1 hour. We suggest grouping multiple small requests in one bigger order so that the job could cover at least one working hour.

Is there an extra charge for revisions?

We charge per hour, not per revision. Please try to be very specific when you describe your needs and listen to our developer’s opinion, he is a trustworthy professional. If you change your mind for several times – we can adapt easily, but remember that the working time is charged.

Would my website look like on demo?

Yes, we will install the theme and the demo content that will look exactly like on our website, this being a cool start in order for you to build your own stunning website. With each theme there are included a lot of pre-designed pages and layouts. You can use those demo pages or start from scratch and create your own pages.

My website is loading very slowly.

The first reason for the slow load speed can be your hosting, second – your site isn’t optimized. We can help migrate to a better hosting and speed up your site too. If you got speed problems, please take them very seriously, because slow sites not only frustrate visitors, they can also get penalized by search engines.

Why do I need website security?

You might think that your website does not attract the hackers, but did you know that 9 million websites are currently hacked? Find out on Sucuri’s blog why sites get hacked, how do sites get hacked and the hacked websites impact. The hackers can have different agendas when attacking your site: to send spam from your server, to commit cyber crime, to cover their tracks after cyber attacks or exploit the traffic on your website. We can help you implement the best ways to protect and secure your entire website.

Can my website be hacked via back-ups?

Usually, hosting providers offer backup solutions & there are lots of plugins that offer backup as well, but they all are storing the back-ups on your hosting’s server. So if a hacker gets access to your server, he can harm your entire site & its back-up. That’s why we recommend keeping backup copies on an external cloud; it allows you to monitor any changes to your website. Even if the site gets infected, you can find out which files were modified using Codeguard. We can help you set it up.

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